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It’s your turn to experience the same success that hundreds of other Level-Up LIVE Participants are raving about!

In just three days, you’re going to walk away with:

  • Your complete Customized Business Blueprint for the entire year of 2019 in Product Development, Marketing, Sales, Systems, Hiring, Team Building, Millionaire Mindset and more!

  • Knowing how to LEVERAGE your time and effort so you make far more and work less!

  • How to ATTRACT all the business you need without pressuring or arm twisting.

  • How to tap into million dollar ideas, turn them into hot products and services that keep the big pay days rolling in.

  • How to create consistent sales, without being salesy, even when you are extremely busy!

  • How to quickly move through your old resistances and roadblocks that have held you back from reaching your potential, goals and biggest business and life dreams!

  • Allison’s behind-the-scenes tips will save you a tons of time, money and energy and keep you from feeling frustrated and overwhelmed.

  • A stress-free weekly business structure that will add freedom, balance and fun to your life!

  • How to be paid well for doing what you LOVE in your business.

  • Innovative Marketing strategies to attract your most right fit clients, that you love working with and pay you top dollar for your expertise!

  • How to create passive revenue so your business thrives while you are sleeping and taking vacations!

You will walk away with your very own
Step-by-Step Blueprint

for product development, marketing, sales, systems, team building, millionaire mindset and more to catapult your business in 2019 and beyond!

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2019 Speakers

Allison Maslan

Allison Maslan, CEO of Allison Maslan International, A Global Business Mentoring Company is the No. 1 Best Selling Author of, Blast Off! The Surefire Success Plan to Launch Your Dreams into Reality. Allison’s built ten successful companies starting out at age 19. Her client list has included Ben & Jerry’s, Supercuts, Merrill Lynch and Charlotte Russe.

Now she pays it forward helping ambitious business owners around the world grow a high-revenue business and a passionate life through The Pinnacle Global Network, her private mentoring and mastermind enterprise. Allison’s been featured in Success, Fortune and Forbes Magazines, is a regular contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine and a featured expert on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and Fox across the US.

Ellen Latham, MS

Come learn the steps Ellen Latham, Creator and Cofounder Orange Theory Fitness, used to build her successful empire of over 1000 locations from a career-setback and a passion.

With more than 40 years in the fitness industry, Ellen Latham, M.S., has built a billion-dollar brand out of a lifelong passion.

In 2010, Ellen co-founded Orangetheory Fitness, an international franchise licensed in 20 countries. Forbes named Orangetheory one of “The Fastest Growing Woman-Owned Businesses” in 2017, and it has been recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc., Bloomberg, and the New York Times for its disruptive science-backed exercise concept.

Ellen Latham, MS

Last Year’s Speakers

Johnny Cupcakes

How do you turn a t-shirt brand that’s sold from the trunk of a rusty car into a global, multi-million dollar business?

Named America’s #1 young entrepreneur by BUSINESS WEEK, profiled in the NYTimes, NPR, MTV, Forbes, NEWSWEEK Magazine and the Boston Globe, and featured in INC Magazine as one of the world’s fastest growing independent businesses – there is only one man that knows the answer to that question – Johnny Earle, the founder of Johnny Cupcakes.

At 19, Johnny had a passion for his one of a kind t-shirt business to go global so in a saturated marketplace, he needed a different recipe that would go viral! He created such a unique brand experience that consumers would (and do) line up around the block for.

After 5 global store openings, he inspires fans to camp out for weeks ahead of time and high profile collaborations such as The Simpson’s, Looney Tunes and Nickelodeon.

Want your product or service to have raving fans and go viral? You will learn Johnny’s secret recipes to build brand loyalty, inspire creative thinking, cultivate community, and craft a powerful brand.

Sean Stephenson

A few years ago I had the gift of seeing Sean Stephenson speak. He rocked my world. Since then I have been to several more of his presentations, and every single time they are genius. I knew I had to invite him to present at Level-Up LIVE!

As a board certified therapist, Sean has the ability open the hearts and minds of business owners for lasting empowerment to occur.

His message has been heard at live events in over 16 countries and 48 states in the past 23 years. Sean’s latest book, Get Off Your But, has swept the US and been released in almost a dozen languages around the world.Sean has appeared on everything from The Oprah Show to online videos with hundreds of millions of views. The Biography Channel did an hour feature on his life called Three Foot Giant.When Sean was born, doctors predicted he would not survive more than 24 hours because of a rare bone disorder, Osteogenesis Imperfecta, that stunted his growth and caused his bones to be extremely fragile. Despite the challenges he faced, he’s taken a stand for a quality of life that has reached millions of people around the world including Sir Richard Branson, President Clinton, and his Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.

Paul Colligan

Paul Colligan has played a key role in the launch of dozens of successful internet products that have garnered tens of millions of visitors in traffic and revenue. He’s been the secret weapon behind dozens of best-selling authors on Amazon, number one podcasts on Itunes, and millions of views on YouTube. Previous projects have included work with StoryBrand, The U.S. State Department, Traffic Geyser, Rubicon International, Piranha Marketing, Microsoft, Pearson Education and more. He is also the marketing engine behind Allison’s show, Allie & You, The Business Success and Lifestyle Show.

Paul is the CEO of the Podcast Partnership, creator of The Podcast Industry Report and has authored eleven books including: How to Podcast, How to Stream Video Live, You Tube Strategies and more.

Michael Bernoff

The best of the best when it comes to sales training. His extraordinary presence on stage and tools and strategies for “Persuasion and Influence” will not only keep you on the edge of your seat, but you will walk away with a whole new method for converting sales.

Mike Koenigs

Mike Koenigs’ passion and obsession as CEO and Chief Disruptasaurus of You Everywhere Now is turning business owners into Business Celebrities. He’s helped over 54,000 business owners and entrepreneurs get attention, get found, seen, heard, watched and read on any device, anytime, anywhere and on demand so that they can multiply their revenue, amplify their message, create awareness, become bestselling authors, in-demand speakers and influencers.

Mike is a 13-time #1 bestselling author, interactive online TV producer, “Marketer of the Year”, serial entrepreneur, angel investor, filmmaker, international speaker and patented inventor. Mike built and sold his last two businesses to publicly-traded companies, his most recent exit was selling Traffic Geyser and Instant Customer. His first exit, Digital Cafe, was sold to the publicly-traded Interpublic Group in 1999.

What Attendees Have to Say

I Never Thought We Could Make this Much Money!

“Since attending Level-Up LIVE, I am excited to report that we had are highest revenue in the 20 year history of the company!”

David Northcutt, CEO, Comfort First Products

I Tripled My Business from Level-Up LIVE!

“The biggest thing I have done for my business in last 10 years is find Allison. I went to her Level-Up LIVE 3-day event last year. This one weekend fundamentally changed my business. I went back to Fort Worth and put an entire structure in place. This experience gave me the ability to triple my business!”

Deb Cantrell, President, Savor Culinary

Within 2 Months of Level-Up LIVE, I closed $120,000 in business!

“I attended Level-Up LIVE and I can honestly say, it changed my life. Within two months, I had already closed $120,000 in NEW business.. I was able to retire my husband from his 6 figure corporate job and our business has continued to hit new income goals every month.

Allison knows step by step how to get attract and close high end clients that will pay the true value you’re worth. She’s the REAL DEAL and I’m proof.”

Katherine Sullivan, CEO & Founder, Marketing Solved

I’m going after million dollar deals and getting them!

“My confidence has grown so much since attending Level-Up LIVE that I am running the business like a leader of a bigger company, going after million dollar deals and getting them! Now, our revenue has increased 667% over last year! And in January alone we are billing over $380,000! Am I coming back to Level-Up LIVE again? You better believe it!”

Christine Sanchez, CEO, ANC Cold Storage

She Walks Her Talk…

Allison is a born entrepreneur launching her first business at the age of 19. She has made millions building 10 companies from the ground up.
And now she is going to teach you how she does it on a daily basis. Get ready to multiply your income, have more freedom, fill your spirit and have a lot more fun!

Allison has impacted thousands to create their own legacy using her systemized growth formula for solid business success. In addition to running 10 companies, she has been a world-renowned homeopath for the past 17 years. Allison’s work embodies a partnership of holistic balance, a zest for success, and the most innovative business strategies you will find anywhere. Starting out as a single mom with no money, Allison refused to back down. She turned roadblocks into pure gold. Her client list has included Supercuts, Ben and Jerry’s, Charlotte Russe, Allstate and Meryl Lynch. She has been an expert guest on ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox Stations across the US and recently interviewed in Success Magazine.


San Diego, January 18th-20th 2019

Just one client pays for your ticket price…

In this sought after event, deals are made, partnerships forged, clients are discovered. Just from attending you will make connections with hundreds of successful entrepreneurs that you would love working with and that have the ability to catapult your business fast.

Grab Your Seat Now!

Here’s Everything You Will Be Receiving:

with a ticket to my
Level-Up LIVE Event
January 18th – 20th in San Diego, CA

Your own Personal Level-Up LIVE Binder
We want you to be able to listen and take it all in so you will receive a beautiful binder with all the notes, examples and charts you will need to put your new training into action right away!
Value: $397

Amazing Hotel Rates
We’re making special arrangements with Paradise Point Resort & Spa to ensure you’re going to get a beautiful room, 5 Star service, and an atmosphere designed for your learning experience. But best of all, we’re making sure you get a FANTASTIC ROOM RATE making it even easier to fit this event into your budget, especially if you’re traveling! This discount can save you hundreds of dollars.
Savings up to $500

Preferred Resources and Vendors
Allison will share her complete Rolodex of preferred vendors that she uses in her business to run her business, attract more clients and make life so much easier. Allison only works with people that are reliable, experts in their field and know their stuff. This access alone is worth hundreds of dollars.
Value: $1000

Your Templates, Flow Charts and Final Business Blueprint!
These will make everything so CLEAR and EASY for you—especially because she will walk you through the steps and you can apply them to your business right away. These are the exact tools Allison uses to grow her business in sales, marketing, planning, logistics and building a powerful team! Each of the templates, checklists, examples and more are in addition to your Breakthrough Binder. You will be able to use them over and over for continued success.
Value: $800

Opportunity to RECEIVE a One-on-One Coaching Session LIVE with Allison on Stage!
Allison is giving opportunities for you to receive “hotseat” MENTORING with her, up on the main stage. She has to ability see the roadblock clearly, lay out a WINNING STRATEGY for your business right on the spot. These are worth the price of admission!
Value: $1000

Mingle at the Mojo Networking Party
Join me and the other entrepreneurs for an amazing night of networking, dancing cocktails and hors’ doeuvres. It’s our time to get all dressed up, network and have a blast!
Value: $250



Why on earth would you want to wait one more year,
one more month or one more day?

Successful entrepreneurs all have one thing in common. They know the power of making decisions in the moment. They know that living in limbo means your opportunity for a successful life and business are slipping through your fingers.

Your breakthrough is waiting. You revolution is waiting. You true-wealth is waiting. The massive difference you can make is here for you. Now.

To your Joy and Success,

Grab Your Seat NOW!

Luxury Accommodations

Paradise Point Resort & Spa
1404 Vacation Road San Diego, CA 92109

For your convenience, we’re working on securing discounted rooms at the Paradise Point Resort & Spa, host hotel for the Business Breakthrough January 18-20, 2019. Staying in the host hotel makes it easier to get to the meeting each day on time and network with your fellow attendees. We’ll let you know when the rooms have been secured and you can book your room.

Ready to reserve your spot? Or do you still have a few questions?

1) Allison, my life is so busy, it is not easy for me to attend a live event. Is it really worth all the trouble and expense to travel out there?
No question. The answer is YES! Look, I was a single mom for years. I know what it is like when you have so many responsibilities. But, stepping away from your routine and taking the time to really strategize your business will come back to you in so many positive ways. We cannot get clarity on what the best solutions are when we are so close to our challenges. You just cannot see it. Step away from your life and spend 3 days with me, and together we will design a new plan for your business that will change the entire course of your future. It is amazing what happens when you shift out of your routine and spend time with powerful people like yourself. That is totally worth the effort.

2) I have attended a lot of business events. How is this different?
Great question. I have been to many events as well, and some can be alike. Often you get very inspired, but then get back home having no concrete success plan to follow. The Level-Up LIVE event is very different. First of all, I am going to personally teach my very own trademarked business process and we will design a unique blueprint for your business. So return home on Monday, not only inspired and completely motivated, but you have a complete A-Z plan in hand to implement right away for all aspects of your business growth.


Happiness Guarantee

Register for the Level-Up LIVE at no risk. It will be the best event you’ve ever attended to catapult your business. Go ahead, register to attend the 2019 event NO RISK whatsoever. As an attendee, if for any reason, by the end of the 1st day, you honestly feel I did not deliver on the information promised, just turn in your materials to my event manager, and ask for a full 100% refund and we will return your investment within 21 days.

It’s got to be the best step-by-step system you’ve ever seen for elevating your entire company, multiplying your income, increasing your confidence and ending your roadblocks…or I’ll refund your entire ticket fee. I’m 100% confident that my Level-Up LIVE will be the most targeted, most powerful, most transformative, and most results-oriented business event you’ve ever attended.

30-day Refund Policy

If you find you are unable to attend within the first 30 days after your registration, you are eligible for a complete refund. If after 30 days you find you are unable to attend the event, we will convert your enrollment to a non-refundable credit that you may apply toward any future Allison Maslan International event or product for up to one full year from your original event date. There are no refunds after November 1st. Contact our Customer Service Department at support@allisonmaslan.com

I understand that when I register now in the Level-Up LIVE Event, I’ll receive:

  • A ticket to Level-Up LIVE 2019 Value $1297
  • Your own Personal Level-Up LIVE Binder Value $397
  • Your Templates, Flow Charts and Final Business Blueprint! Value $800
  • Opportunity to RECEIVE a One-on-One Coaching Session LIVE with Allison on Stage! Value $1000
  • Preferred Resources and Vendors Value $1000
  • Mingle at the Mojo Networking Party Value $250
  • Amazing Hotel Rates Savings up to $500

Total Value $5244

 Your super early bird investment: $397!


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and Level-Up LIVE Together!

Just add it to your order when you register for yourself.

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(To reserve a table and receive this special offer, all 8 tickets must be purchased at once, not separately)
Tables are limited so this opportunity will go quickly.

Questions? Email us at support@allisonmaslan.com
Or call us at: 888-844-3550

Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don’t apply to the average attendee/purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.